Why do you use Hammered Copper?

The reason we use hammered copper is that it gives the sink the look of a real antique. Copper already comes with a patina that shows it is natural copper and not come hybrid blend.  By using hammered copper, we make our sinks look as authentic as possible. While our sinks are not made by blacksmiths in the back of a wagon, they look as if they have been around for decades.

Is Hammered Copper Stronger than Flat Sheets?

Hammered copper has a stronger surface strength than flat sheets of copper. This is because the small dents in the copper disperse the weight of any object over a wider area. This should not be seen as a weakness in the metal, but as a strengthening technique that has been in use for hundreds of years. The hammer process also produces the elegant patina that shows you are using 100 percent real copper and not an alloy made with zinc.

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