Combining Copper Bathroom Sinks with other Copper Fixtures

When you have installed your copper bathroom sinks, you may notice that some of the other fixtures in the room do not match your new sinks.  We offer a complete selection of copper accessories, from light fixtures to outlet covers.  You can coordinate your entire bathroom with the warm glow of copper.

Which Copper Bathroom Sinks should I choose?

When you are trying to decide which copper bathroom sinks to use, you need to keep two things in mind.  The first is the type of mounting you want, either above the counter or below.  The second is the size of your countertop, you would not want to purchase a sink that larger than the depth of your counter.  Once your sink meets these two criteria, the only other choice is what design you would want.  The only suggestion is to make sure that your sink matches the décor of your bathroom.

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