Can I use Copper Bar Sinks for an Outdoor Bar?

If you are going to have an outdoor bar, it is a good idea to have copper bar sinks.  This is because copper will never rust, so you will not have to worry that it will be affected by the weather.  It is also naturally resistant to mildew, so it will not start to grow slime during the humid months.  A copper sink will last for the life of your bar, so you will only have to make one investment to have a bar that will last a lifetime.

Choosing the proper sized Copper Bar Sinks

If you are going to be using your copper bar sinks to prepare food, then you will want to choose the larger sized sinks with a larger drain.  This will allow you to work with food and not have it hanging out of the sink.  If you are only going to be mixing drinks, then you can use a smaller sink because it will rarely be used to prep food, unless you use a large amount of garnishes.

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